Koole Vale Merinos

About Us

Champion Strong Poll Ewe Bendigo 2011.   Photo - Wayne Jenkins

Wool Cut 13.6kg

Koole Vale Merino Stud was founded in 1994 with the purchase of stud ewes from Woolaroo and a ram from Billa Burra Burra. The stud was founded based on Manderley type with both founding studs influenced by the Manderley Stud

Alan's family has always shown a strong intreset with stud sheep breeding both on his mother's side for two generations and also his parental grandfather who all showed wool at regional shows. You could say it was in his blood!

At the age of 19 Alan started the Koole Vale stud with a vision to improve his families flock and to sell rams that suited the local environment. Since starting the stud Alan's vision of the ideal sheep type has been further infulenced by almost 20 years of shearing experience. This shearing experience has given Alan great insight to sheep breeding and farming knowledge from across the state. His years of shearing experience have allowed him to also see a wide range of bloodlines and has developed the Koole Vale vision of the ideal merino best suited to South Eastern Australia.

While Alan has developed his professional knowledge he also passionately commited to developing the wider wool industry for the benifit of the industry as a  whole. This extensive involvement includes:

  • Past President of Heathcote A.P & H Society
  • Committee member of  Victorian Stud Merino Sheepbreeders Association
  • Participation in judging at Agricultural Shows
  • Chief Steward Sheep & Wool Sections - Heathcote Show

History of the Breeding Program

In 1999 Koole Vale invested in the top priced ewes at the Melbourne Ram sale from the Glendonald stud. This initial purchase has developed into a long and beneficial relationship with Glendonald stud. Since then we have regularly purchased rams, ewes and semen that is in line with our breeding program and aids in the development of our bloodlines.

 In 2003 Koole Vale started a Poll Merino Stud with Glendonald genetics. Since then we have added a ram from Weealla and semen from Woolkabin and East Strathglen. The intent of this investment was to produce poll rams for our clients similar the horn stud although the rams are being plainer bodied and meatier.

In recent years the reviews of the breeding program have led Koole Vale to invest in genetics from other studs, such as semen from Glenpaen, Roseville Park & Nyowee Poll to ensure the continual improvment of the Koole Vale stock.                                                                                                                 

Koole Vale Flock Health

  • All lambs at Koole Vale have been vaccinated with Gudair since 2005, 
  • Brucellosis Accreditated
  • All sheep recieve an annual 6in1 vaccine

Koole Vale Vision

Koole Vale has consistantly worked towards the vision of breeding large frame sheep with white, long stapled crimpy wool on a soft pliable skin. Koole Vale endeveavours to breed sheep that are:

  • productive in wool cut
  • significant meat yield also
  • have a high lambing percentage

Breeding Program Results

In recent years the commitment to the Koole Vale Vision and continuous improvment have resulted in Koole Vale's commercial flock achieving:

  • a cut of 7.8kg average of 20 micron wool,
  • consistantly over 7kgs for the whole flock
  • a lambing percentage always above 90%
  • studs achieving 110% in 2012 and
  • Koole Vale wethers topped at $144 in 2011 at the Bendigo saleyards.